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I'm passionate about coding and its potential to streamline processes and improve daily life. Actively involved in the tech community, I've volunteered at COSCUP since 2008, building valuable connections through conferences like COSCUP and PyCon. These experiences have led to contributions to esteemed companies like Pinkoi and Appier. As I progress in my career, I stay open-minded and seek innovation in my chosen paths.


Project Technical Lead, Open Culture Foundation
2022.11 - Present

Open Culture Foundation has been a non-profit organization in Taiwan since 2014. We are dedicated to promoting the open source culture, open data, data transparency, internet freedom and digital rights.

As a project technical leader at OCF, committed to assisting open source communities and civil society organizations(CSOs) in collaborating, providing cybersecurity technical support, and promoting social issues with the assistance of open-source technology.

Accomplishments and Achievements

CSOs digital defending handbook

For the general CSOs, this handbook provides easy read and understandable information on browsers, password management, how to safely save data on the cloud and the resources of defending DDoS.

Brings Taiwan open source communities to FOSDEM

FOSDEM is the largest open source conference in Europe. We hope lets more people know about the various and popular open source communities in Taiwan. In addition, we also hope to connect internationally and align with international communities.

OONI Research in Taiwan

As a partner of global OONI communities, we dedicated to providing the views and research on the internet censorship and surveillance in Taiwan. The first report has been released are mentioned what we’re found and how to do to the next step.

Senior Backend Engineer II, Appier
2015.10 - 2022.04 (6 years, 7 months)

October 2019 - April 2022, MIS/IT Team

Led the development of MIS-Workspace, a unified platform for daily operations. Conducted account reviews for GSuite, SuccessFactors, Slack, Jira, Bitwarden, and VPN users. Designed an employee information page integrating assets, Falcon, groups, and department info. This streamlined data aggregation, enabling efficient troubleshooting. Assisted HR in SuccessFactors provisioning and office admin in door card number uploads.

September 2017 - October 2019, Retargeting Team

Oversaw Spark-to-bloom filter data pipeline, ensuring seamless operation. Enhanced efficiency by integrating topic lists with user sessions using Go goroutines. Spearheaded the refactoring of the Google Analytics data synchronization tool for Campaign Management (CM) needs.

October 2015 - November 2017, BI Team

Engineered a service for seamless data synchronization between Salesforce and internal campaign systems, markedly improving workflow efficiency for Business Development (BD), Account Management (AM), and Campaign Management (CM) teams, resulting in accelerated deal closures.

Backend Engineer, Pinkoi
2013.03 - 2015.06 (2 years, 4 months)

Maintain and implement new features for the platform. Event page for 「好日推好物」 and help the marketing to send EDM to all members or by user properties.

Side Project

COSCUP Volunteer - AGPL-3.0

I developed a platform for COSCUP volunteers to submit participation requests and apply for forms seamlessly. As a team leader for the secretary team since 2008, I oversaw volunteer services including accommodation and recruitment. This platform replaced manual task management. The platform using Flask, Celery, and integrated APIs with GSuite, Mattermost, and Telegram on AWS EC2. Email communication is facilitated through AWS SES. I'm committed to supporting this project for at least five years.

COSCUP Subscribe - AGPL-3.0

Since COSCUP no longer requires registration for participation, an subscription service is needed to continue delivering event information. This system includes the subscription process and the sending script.


I-Shou University Finance — BS, 2008


Python, nginx, docker, MongoDB, AWS(familiar with EC2, S3, SES)